WordPress Site Recovery

Recover and secure your website

If a hacker has attacked your WordPress website, Adept Digital will restore your site and provide you with the support you need to prevent it from happening again.

$350 per website*

*One time price. Before we begin, we will conduct a free inspection to ensure your website can be recovered.

Included services:

We work out what went wrong so we can prevent your website from being hacked again via the same method.

We remove any viruses or malware to prevent your website from being reinfected and infecting other websites.

Attackers usually leave hidden backdoors to allow them to easily reinfect your website. We find and remove these backdoors to prevent reinfection.

We remove any malicious popups, links, or other content from your website. You and your customers can use your website again without worrying about nasty popups or other content.

We update WordPress and all plugins to be sure an attacker cannot find a new way into your website.

* Some plugins may require a license to update which you will need to provide.
* Some plugins (typically WooCommerce) can require additional work to update. We’ll let you know if we find these plugins and if there will be an additional cost.

Attackers may change passwords, add new admin users and update email addresses to make it easier to gain access to your website. We remove these users and update all passwords and emails to prevent future access by attackers.

We configure WordPress for security and install a plugin (WordFence) which helps prevent future attacks.

If you would like help keeping your website up to date and secure, see our WordPress Site Care Package.

We’re confident in our cleaning and security hardening, so we provide a guarantee against future attacks.

We will provide a report on what happened, actions taken, and what information may have been compromised.

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